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Old April 6th, 2015, 07:21 AM
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Default Tarangus SAAB JA37 Di Viggen

Now lets' do a Tarangus SAAB JA37 Di Viggen

This is by no means a shake and bake kit. I've had some fit issues with both the radome,wings and airintakes. However the plastic is relatively easy to work with so they are fixable. The worst part is on the airintake sides and in the radome area where there is some difference in hight on the plastic.. that took a while to get right, some superglue, sanding and rescribeling fixed that up nicely, but it took like forever.

Cocpit more or less ready. Let's close it up and get ready for paint. still some work before we can start the paiting process , but we're gettin there.
This will be a gray Viggen btw. I have two more in my stash and atleast one of them will be in camo. However I think the gray ones look way better espesially those with dayglow numbers on the wings and tail. I have some 2Bobs decals on the way so I will use them naturally. But other than decals , PE cocpit and some missiles from the spares box, this will be an OOB build.

I found that the canard flaps is always dropped as long as the landing gear is down so I did just that. this would have been alot easyer if I did it before I placed them on the jet though.

Also the -37 in this config's got two vortex generators on the canards , not just one. so I made some aproximations using some evergreen.

Now lets put on some antennaes , struts and check for cracks that need filling.

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