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Originally Posted by John M. View Post
Looking real nice, digging the finish. Did you rescribe the elevons on the canards? Love the Viggen, saw a demo at Farnborough in 1980, impressive aircraft. The splintered green scheme is high on my to do list. I waiting for the resin goodies to hit the market!��

I just repositioned them they come moulded in the "up" position and not really repositionable so I cut them loose and repositioned them down. The canard elevons are always in the down position when the landing gear is deployed. And I also added a vortex "thing" , the JA37 has two on each canard the kit has one.
I also added spine antennaes and the white flat thing on the spine is slightly elevated on the real jet so I cut a piece of evergreen to shape and placed it under the decal .

There is a fair amount of scratch building on this to get it to Di-standard , but nothing much. I have to remake the rear spine antennae as this is way to short.
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