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Originally Posted by Viper Enforcer View Post
You Tulsa guys are alright! Yea, I had a great time and the best Friday night.; though I paid for it Saturday. Hell, it was well worth it.

I'll be posting pics of the new A-10 and S-3 inlets. I was surprised they were so popular this year, as we ended up selling out of all the new stock.

I'll get a new tooled 48th DRA out to you soon. The 32nd scale DRA came out just as good, so hope to get those out soon as well.

Mike V
Man you did have a few Friday night Mike! Us Okla City guys are alright. The other guys that I was hanging with were from Wichita. Cool buch of folks! I bad dearly for our fun on Saturday as well. It wwas worth every minute of it!
Jim Root OKC
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