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Originally Posted by chuck540z3 View Post
Although I won't disagree with anything you've written (how could anybody! ), what I did was good enough for me at the time. All the other builds I've seen have used either the Wolfpack conversion or the old Teknics set, used as is, with all the problems you have mentioned. Using the Tamiya nozzle gave me something that looked better than both of the above and was a fun experiment.

I have since bought another couple of the Teknics airframe conversions and a nice set of open and closed nozzles from some guy was selling them on ebay. Yes, they are the right dimension and I look forward to using them on my next F-14 build, since I've seen F-14B/D GE-110 engines with one open and one closed at rest, just like the F-14A ones. All I need to do is add the "ring" between them, but now Aires has a really nice looking airframe/engine combo, so I might go with that instead. are right. Using the Tamiya nozzle instead of the ugly Wolfpack nozzle on your Cat was a good decision and turns your Cat into a really great looking Tomcat ! You bought a few more Teknics airframe conversions? Mmmh......the Teknics airframe have the right i think using that set with the Tamiya F-16CJ engine fairing and the new Aires F110 will be the best looking Tomcat F110 conversion for the mighty Tamiya Cat!!

btw: Aires.....take a look into the engine exhaust!! That`s awesome, isn`t it?!

But Aires released that kit after my engine was done......grrrrrrr

The conversion for the B/D isn`t for my next Bravo or Delta, i will use the Trumpeter D-Cat with the Aires engine.

Originally Posted by chuck540z3 View Post
I also picked up a couple of Teknics cockpit sets to give me some more canopy hooks along the cockpit sill and other cockpit details that not even the Aires resin set has. I noticed you didn't use these parts on your build even though you used the Teknics cockpit set. Why?

Again, your build is really beautiful and the nicest I've seen so far. I particularly like the plumbing detail in the wheels wells.
Yes......i didn`t used it. Because there is a problem with the level. But i realised that AFTER my Cockpit was done. The problem isn`t the hook itself! These parts looks good in shape and dimension.

The problem is the level of the Teknics sidewall rails compared to the Fuselage. Because there isn`t enough space (just less than 1 mm) between the Teknics rail and the Tamiya fuselage upper surface.

On a real Tomcat, you can`t see that hooks from the side. You have to look from a higher position into that cockpit to clearly see that hooks. Because the highest point of these hooks are under the level of the Cockpit fuselage. You know what i mean? Let me check my images......maybe i find an image of the real hooks. It`s hard to explain without an image.

If you install that hooks on the model, they will be much to high in position and clearly visible from the side. I tried to scratchbuild some "downsized" hooks. But with just 1 mm doesn`t look good. So i decided to not install the hooks on my model.

Do you need that hooks? Or any other part from my Teknics Cockpit spareparts? If you want, i can send it to you.
Originally Posted by foxtwo View Post
i hope medecine is going to make fast improvement in the no more things like this could happend !!!!
ok, really, thats incredible, i'm looking at your gear wells details....i'm not able to work like that !
great you share it with us !
hope to see it one tome in a model expo !
Hi Pat.....I hope so too! My doctor told me that I am on the good way !
Your models (like the NSAWC Tomcat and the brown Hornet) was an insperation for me since many years .

Maybe we see us next year in Belgium
Originally Posted by D-Rob View Post
Absolutely gorgeous! You're work on the wheel bays and cockpit is outstanding. The landing gear as well is expertly done. The only critique I can even begin to think of is that the weathering on the panel lines is too even and consistant. It has a very "artistic" look. My personal preference is for a "realistic" overall look. However, it comes down to what you, as the builder, want to achieve. You've done fantastic work, and should be very proud to show that off.
MANY THANKS. I am happy that you like my Cat.
I know what you mean. I love really weathered birds and normally i build my buirds in a much more "dirty" style!

But in that case, i decided for a not too heavy weathered bird.

Because most of the CAG birds i shoot, were pretty clean and good in shape.

Take a look at my images from the real AJ-100. The picture from Oceana is from April 2005 and my image onboard the Theodore Roosevelt is from July 2005. AJ-100 was painted just a few month before, so there wasn`t a lot of dirt on that Cat.

I just put some "corrosion prevention" spots here and there, some oil and dirt spot / streaks and some paint chipping on my model. Beside the washing, most of the weathered effects was made due to the pre-shading.

But my Cat is not as clean as it looks like on that images!

Maybe it`s due to the light and I am not really 100% happy with the images.

I tried several different light configurations.......but a lot of my weathered effect has been always absorbed from the light grrrrr

Here you can see my Cat during the pre-shading process and the finished upper fuselage.

Greetings and MANY, MANY THANKS for all your kind words,

Kai Wolter

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