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[QUOTE=Combat Edge;64909]Yes.....i saw that. But why? As i wrote before........the wrong dimensions on the Wolfpack Nozzle isn`t the biggest problem!

Because the Wolfpack airframe conversion has the same wrong diameter and dimensions!!

You spent a lot of money and a lot of work to change a correct Tamiya nozzle into wrong diameter nozzle!

Only to put it into a wrong diameter airfame conversion! That doesn`t make sense to me......

Don`t understand me wrong!! Your Cat is really, really awesome!!!

But with an attached Tamiya F-16 engine fairing (same dimensions as on the Tomcat!), you can convert the Tamiya Cat into a right dimensioned B - or D-Model.

And that wasn`t more input than cutting down every single nozzle blade! And in the end, you will have a wrong diameter F110 nozzle.....


Although I won't disagree with anything you've written (how could anybody! ), what I did was good enough for me at the time. All the other builds I've seen have used either the Wolfpack conversion or the old Teknics set, used as is, with all the problems you have mentioned. Using the Tamiya nozzle gave me something that looked better than both of the above and was a fun experiment.

I have since bought another couple of the Teknics airframe conversions and a nice set of open and closed nozzles from some guy was selling them on ebay. Yes, they are the right dimension and I look forward to using them on my next F-14 build, since I've seen F-14B/D GE-110 engines with one open and one closed at rest, just like the F-14A ones. All I need to do is add the "ring" between them, but now Aires has a really nice looking airframe/engine combo, so I might go with that instead.

I also picked up a couple of Teknics cockpit sets to give me some more canopy hooks along the cockpit sill and other cockpit details that not even the Aires resin set has. I noticed you didn't use these parts on your build even though you used the Teknics cockpit set. Why?

Again, your build is really beautiful and the nicest I've seen so far. I particularly like the plumbing detail in the wheels wells.
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