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That company produces some really, really great 1/32 scale Tomcat stuff!!

As you can see on my first post, i used some of these items for my Cat.



Believe me........that will ruin your model!!!

The Tomcatfreaks knows, that the F-14B and F-14D was equipped with the General Electric F110 engine.

So i had to convert the aft fuselage section of my Tomcat. When i started in 2005, the Teknics airframe conversion was the only conversion set on the market.

But i wasn`t really happy with that. Because the Teknics airframe conversion does not have the silver ring between the engine nozzle and the aft fuselage

A few years later, Wolfpack Design produced another airframe conversion set for the Tamiya Tomcat. After a first overlook.....that set looks much better and i removed the Teknics set and installed the Wolfpack airframe conversion set.

After installation i realized that there is something wrong with that conversion.

The engines and engine fairings doesn`t look like an real F-14B/D Tomcat!! The conversion set looks like a foreign object on the Tamiya Tomcat!

I checked my images and drawings and realized, that the nozzle is too small, way too short and the shape of the F110 nozzle is totally wrong!

But that wasn`t the biggest problem! It turns out the Wolfpack nozzles are not only short, they're way too narrow as well!!

Thereís no way Iím using these nozzle or the airframe conversion on my Tomcat!! But now i was in trouble!!

Because the Wolfpack airframe parts i attached to my fuselage was designed for their own nozzles and has the same wrong diameter than the nozzle.
So their dimensions looks bad and it wasn`t possible to use another F110 nozzle like the Tamiya F110 nozzle from the F-16CJ kit on that conversion set.

So i think about the options and after a few days i decided for the best, but most expensive alternative...

The F110 nozzle from the F-16CJ kit is one of the best F110 nozzles on the market and nearly perfect in dimensions and shape. So i ordered two complete F110 Engines and airframe fairings from the Tamiya F-16CJ kit.

Next step was to remove the Wolfpack airframe conversion set from the fuselage. Another Tamiya F-14A Tomcat kit was used to fill the huge gap between my Tomcat aft fuselage section and the new F-16CJ Engine fairing.

The F-14B/D left and right outboard fairings between the engine and the horizontal stabilizer was used from the secured Wolfpack Design conversion kit.

After lots and lots of sanding and dry-fitting, the new Tamiya-F-14 / Tamiya F-16 Nozzle mix looks awesome with nearly perfect dimensions.

Now the Cat looked like a real Tomcat D-Model and not like a Revell Mig-29......

Kai Wolter

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