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Originally Posted by Jens H. Brandal View Post
What an amazing model... I would love to see how you did it, so if you have any in progress photos to share, I'd be keen to see them, even though the model is finished. The wheelwells in particular.
Hi Jens, i don`t received any negative informations from the Mod, so i think a few "In Progress" images will be ok.

@ALL: my english grammar isn`t perfect.....but i hope you will understand me. If not, please let me know .

Also, if you have questions, please ask!
Originally Posted by Pete "Pig" Fleischmann View Post
Holy Crap Kai-That is outstanding! THe scribing is perfect-Even the rivet placement is dead-nuts on..the spacing is even and perfect! You are going to have to share your techniques with us after showing us such a gorgeous model!


Dear Pig....MANY THANKS again.
I sanded down all the raised panel lines and marked the new panel and rivet lines with a really small pen. After that i rescribed the complete Fuselage along that lines acc. several detail images and drawings from the real Tomcat. I used a rivet template and punch every single rivet with a small tip.

After rescribing and riveting the whole model, i checked the new panel lines with black paint from a waterproof pen. After that, i sanded the whole area again with 1000 grit. Now you can check your new panel lines and fix some “accidents”.

Here you can see the rescribed upper fuselage during the “pen-check”

@: Jens....some images from the wheel well for you

I put "some" wires and hydraulic lines into the main gear wheel well. But i don`t spent too much work into that area, because that Cat will be displayed on a carrier deck diorama. So you will never see that area again.......

Greetings Kai
Kai Wolter

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