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Originally Posted by Fightertown Decals Brian View Post
Kai - that is one absolutely stellar build!!!! It's great to see it completed, although I have to admit, I was hoping to see the 101 red tail and some of our decals at work.

If you want some critiquing of the accuracy details, read on. Otherwise ignore the rest of my post.

You have built a stunning beautiful Tomcat! And that cockpit detail is mindblowing!

-During workups and throughout cruise, 100 had black outlines around the data boxes.
-CMC name on left RIO side should be CMC, not CMG (Command Master Chief)
-00 on front gear doors was just in black. No yellow shadowing
-DANGER between JET and INTAKE was in red.
- VF-31 on the strake had yellow shadowing
- Red turbine stripe should cut through the middle of the formation light and NAVY should be moved forward with it.
- BUNO/F-14/Beware of Blast was in a different font. They didn't do the Long Beach Navy BUNO until it was repainted after cruise.
-100 flap numbers were in 36018 Euro Gray until repainted after return from cruise
-Bomb fuse on Felix were in red. 101 had them in white.

Congrats on an amazing build,
Hi Brian,

MANY THANKS! Yes......the AJ-101 would be a great Cat too. It was fifty-fifty to do AJ-101 or AJ-100.
Both Cats are awesome but in the end, i decided to do the last Tomcat CAG bird.

And yes, you are right with every point you postet!!

I know that there are a few little errors on my Cat. .....

I had to deal with the stuff i was able to get for AJ-100. Right now, only Phoenix Decals 32011 and Cross Delta 007 covers VF-31 AJ-100.

Both decals sets have the post-cruise markings for AJ-100, but only the Phoenix Decals sheet covers also the “early” style cruise markings i wanted to do.

But both decal sheets have little faults.

When i started with AJ-100, i used some of my own AJ-100 images as an reference. Some images from the Last Tomcat Cruise and some images with post-cruise markings, like the image below.

I realized, that they changed the style of the black area around the Cockpit, the crews names, the modex 100 on the nose (from black/yellow to black/white) and the markings on the tail.

BUT i didn`t realized, that they changed also the data stencils! So i followed the Phoenix Decals instruction sheet.

The instruction sheet shows the same data stencils for both AJ-100 versions (last cruise / post cruise)

That included the data boxes without the black outlines, the white DANGER markings between JET and INTAKE, the black “100” flap number and the Long Beach Navy BUNO font style.

After the decals was set on my Cat and sealed with another gloss coat, i realized that the Phoenix instruction sheet was wrong......but now it was too late for any changes.

Phoenix Decals shows the black “00” for the nose landing gear doors, but on my sheet these decals were damaged due to a wrong printing. The “00” from the Cross Delta sheet shows the late post cruise style with the black and white “00”. But that wouldn`t match with my black/yellow Modex “100” at the nose.

I can`t find any good black “00” from a spare decal sheet and so i decided to use the black/yellow “0” from several AJ-101 sheets to cover the “00” on both sides.
Because these “00” looks like a small version of the “100” on the nose. Not perfect, but good enough for me

I just fixed the CMC / CMG error! Now we have a Command Master Chief on the Canopy! And sounds much better than Command Master Ghief

The reason for the white bomb fuses is, the Felix on my tail is from the AJ-101 sheet! I painted the yellow circle on my tail to get the same colour at the VF-31 Felix patch and on the top of the tail. After that, i applied AJ-101`s Felix on my yellow circle.

The plan was to repaint the white bomb fuses with red paint and a small brush. But i forgot that step! I think i am getting old.....

Now, it isn`t possible to repair that fault due to the technique i used for that tails.

You know that the AJ-100 tail has a gloss / semi-gloss shine. On such a surface you will see any unevenness and you will clearly see the attached decals due to the thickness of the decal. And i hate that!

So i sealed the tail and decals with a gloss coat. After the gloss coat was dry, i really carefully sanded down the decals with 6000 and 10000 grit. After that, i polished the whole tail. And after that.....another gloss coat was applied....and sanded again....and polished again......and sanded again......

After several passes, the light shines on that tail without any interruptions, caused from the thickness of the applied decals and the tail looks really awesome.

After all these steps are done, i applied a last semi-gloss coat to adjust the shine.

But the problem is, i can`t paint the small red fuses on that tail without loosing that effect! Another coat have to be applied, sanded and polished again.
But that`s nearly impossible with the attached tail.

So i have to live with the white fuses......

I know that your decals are more than awesome and maybe best Navy stuff on the market, so next time you have to release the bird, before i start with the model

So......i hope VF-213 will win the POLL

Here is an image of AJ-100 with the post cruise markings, wich included the data boxes without the black outlines and the white DANGER markings between JET and INTAKE.

Greetings Kai

Kai Wolter
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